All About Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Curious About Laser Hair Removal?

Have you been looking for a solution to razors, nicks, ingrown hairs and razor burn? Dreaming of silky smooth, hair free skin?

Here’s what you need to now about laser hair removal before you book your appointment:


With so many other hair removal options available, why go with laser? Maybe some of the benefits will sway you:

It's almost permanent

One of the biggest benefits is that it’s almost permanent. Unlike shaving, waxing and other temporary hair removal methods, laser treatment is meant to damage the hair follicle, making it harder for the hair to grow back. Regular laser hair removal treatments can keep your body hair free! Optimal results are usually achieved after the first 6-8 treatments but always consult with your technician prior to treatment.

it's quick and easy

Another great benefit of laser treatments is that they’re quick and easy. Most appointments only take 30 minutes or so, and there’s no recovery time required. You can just go about your day as usual after your treatment!

it's affordable

When you compare laser hair removal to other methods like waxing, shaving, and epilating, it’s actually very affordable. The initial investment may be higher than other methods, but you’ll save money in the long run since you will only need to come in for touch-ups when seeing hair growth after the initial 6-8 treatments.


So you’re ready to take the next steps towards soft, touchable hair free skin. Here’s how to prep for your treatment:

  1. Shave before getting laser hair removal.  The first step to preparing is shaving within 24 hours of your appointment. It’s best to shave to avoid an unpleasant odor of burning hair during treatment and avoid any unnecessary discomfort. To properly prepare, make sure you use a regular razor (an electric razor will leave the hair too long) and waxing will remove the hair follicle which will reduce the effectiveness of laser.
  2. Don’t use topical products on the treatment area. Avoid wearing makeup for laser hair removal on the face and any other area of the body being treated needs to be free of lotions, tanners, deodorant, or anything else on the surface of the skin. Make sure to cleanse the area before your appointment so that the skin is clean and ready for treatment.
  3. Stay out of the sun. Protect the skin from sun exposure for 3 to 4 weeks prior to treatment to reduce skin sensitivity to light energy and reduce risk of hyperpigmentation and burns. 
  4. Keep cool. The heat from laser hair removal can stay in the skin for approximately 24 hours. Limit exposure to heat after your appointment for optimal results and to avoid any discomfort or skin irritation. Avoid working out, hot showers or baths and do not visit any saunas for 24 hours after treatment.
  5. Change your skin care routine accordingly. Two days prior to your appointment, stop using scrubs, glycolic acid and retinol creams. This will help avoid irritation and prep the skin.


Laser hair removal aftercare is fairly simple and straight-forward

  1. Avoid makeup & lotions. Keep the treatment area clean and dry for optimal results. If redness or irritation occurs for a prolonged period of time, do no not apply makeup, moisturizer, or deodorant to the treatment area until irritation has subsided.
  2. Don’t go in the sun. Following your treatment, stay out of the sun for another 2 weeks to help your skin heal and reduce any potential hyperpigmentation. Apply sunscreen or cover the treatment area (wear long sleeved or full length clothing or a hat) if you must be outside, even if it’s overcast.
  3. Don’t wax or tweeze between appointments. When in between appointments, only shave the treated area. Your hair will shed on its own and shaving will help this process.
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