Show Your Pride with Rainbow Nails: Summer Nail Trends 2024

It’s more than just a pretty rainbow nail look …

As we enter Pride Month, we are reflecting on the role of beauty and the services we offer (and also get done) to enhance our beauty and feel confident in the way we present ourselves to the world, no matter what that looks like. 

We know that feeling beautiful can be a challenge for so many and that as practitioners in the beauty industry, we play an important role in fostering a mindset of acceptance and open-mindedness around what it means to feel beautiful. To celebrate  Pride Month this June, we’re rolling out a special promotion that gives back to a community we deeply care about.

For the month of June, we’re offering 15% off rainbow nail manicures. All the money from these discounted services is going straight to local LGBTQ+ organizations, helping them provide support and resources.

We’ve also compiled some of the top summer nail trends for 2024 and found a rainbow version to inspire your June manicure! We hope you’ll join us in honouring the spirit of the LGBTQ+ community. 

Rainbow Nail Trends

Pop-Art Nails

The trend

Allure listed “Pop-Art” nails as a trend to keep an eye on this summer. Think less comic-style nail art and more pops of colour! Nail expert and editorial manicurist Choi says, “Pop nail art on a sheer base is currently all the rage, and incorporating curvy lines or abstract paint perfectly captures a hot summer vibe”.

The Rainbow Edit

We love these pops of rainbow colours and traditional rainbow lines used in a variety of creative ways. A neutral base helps the colours truly pop and highlights the rainbow nail designs without needing the entire nail to be covered in colour.


The trend

Editorial manicurist Aja Walton from Cosmopolitan says, “This summer, soft and delicate pastels will gain popularity with baby pink, mint green, and soft lemon leading the palette”. We love a pastel palette and those colours already make up half a pride rainbow nail look!

The Rainbow Edit

We’re obsessed with the versatility of pastels. Keep ’em short and simple for a natural nail look, use them as a base with some brighter accents overtop, or use them in a negative-space abstract design.

Crystal Couture

Sources: Chic Pursuit, @disseynails, Unknown

The trend

Vogue says crystals are in! The red carpet seems to be making its way to the world of manicures, which means each nail is a mini canvas for adornment.

The Rainbow Edit

We thought we’d show you some everyday rainbow nail inspiration ranging from minimal, to colourful crystal French tips, to a mermaid jelly-style glitter. Or bring your own crystal couture inspiration pic and our nail artists will create your look for you! 

Transparent French

The trend

According to Vogue, summer French manicures will be more muted with less contrast between the traditional pink layer and bright white tips. The semi-sheer version shows off natural nail length or a super short tip if your nails need some help with the extra length.

The Rainbow Edit

We love these minimal rainbow nail designs layered over a soft French manicure so you don’t lose the French, but can still add a little rainbow for Pride!

Chrome 2.0

The trend

Chrome nails are not a new trend, but how chrome is getting used to detail nails seems to be ever-changing. Vogue nail experts say that chrome is being used in more minimal ways like with pastels and short shimmery tips instead of the glazed donut look.

The Rainbow Edit

While Vogue might be over the glazed donut look, we are not (yet) but we do love pastel chrome and these reflective ombre chrome tips!

Tie Dye Nails

The trend

According to celeb nail artist Queenie Nguyen, tie dye nails are in for spring/summer this year! Pops of colour make this trend a perfect choice for pride month. 

The Rainbow Edit

We love the versatility of this trend, especially when it comes to rainbow nail colours. Keep it soft with pastels, focused at the tips, or full-on tie dye for a louder look. The 90s are back, baby!

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