All About Brow Tinting

Are you looking for a semi-permanent way to enhance the look and shape of your eyebrows? Allow us to introduce you to the world of eyebrow tinting! If you’re not familiar with the process, eyebrow tinting is a form of hair-dyeing that uses semi-permanent dyes to darken the brows.

How Does Eyebrow Tinting Work?

The tinting process works by depositing the dye onto the hair shaft, which results in a temporary darkening of the eyebrows. If you’re looking for a way to achieve fuller, darker eyebrows without having to use makeup, then eyebrow tinting may be the perfect solution for you!

How Long Do The Results From Brow Tinting Last?

The results from brow tinting can last anywhere from four to six weeks. Of course, this will vary depending on a few different factors such as, your own natural hair growth cycle, as well as how often you wash your face and come into contact with water. If you have oily skin, you may find that the tint fades a bit quicker than someone with dry skin. The type of dye used can also affect how long the results of brow tinting will last.

What Are The Benefits Of Brow Tinting?

There are many benefits of brow tinting, but the most obvious one is that it can save you a lot of time in your daily beauty routine! If you’re used to filling in your eyebrows with makeup every morning, then you know how time-consuming it can be. Brow tinting can give you the darker, fuller eyebrows you desire without the need for daily makeup application.

In addition to saving you time, brow tinting can also give you a more natural look. If you have sparse or light eyebrows, filling them in with makeup to get a natural look can sometimes be challenging. Tinting your eyebrows can help them look fuller and more natural.

If you’re considering getting your eyebrows tinted, book an appointment with Enhanced Esthetics!  Our professional estheticians are talented and experienced in providing brow tinting services to our clients.

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