Expressing Yourself Through Nail Art

Manicure services have always been a great way to be stylish, fashionable and artistic. Taking your average manicure to the next level, nail art – applying decorative designs on your nails – is so much more than simply decorating your nails. It’s a great way to express yourself!

Nail Art Is A Way Of Personalizing Your Look


We often use nails to show how we’re feeling, add a bit of pizzazz to our day, or go with accessories and makeup. Whatever the reason, manicures are often colourful; nail art can take a simple shade and turn it into a personal Mona Lisa! (Literally painting a Mona Lisa on your nails could be a challenge).

Nail art is easy to personalize for everyone, whether you want a more minimal look or are looking to maximize the bling. No matter which one is your style, nail art can perfectly reflect your personality and tastes. For instance, if you’re into a pattern from the era of your childhood – maybe you grew up with a Lisa Frank trapper keeper – you can have us interpret similar designs onto your nails. 

Nail art can also enhance your look by transforming your nails into the perfect accessory for your outfit. It’s a great way to express yourself without committing to it for life, as you would with a tattoo. Because each piece of nail art is so personal, it’s a trend that will have a longer life than your outfit, too!


Nail Art Is For Every Season


It can be hard to dress up with the seasons. Sure, you have shorts and some favourite sweaters, but that’s for the temperature changes. How can you celebrate how the seasons make you feel? The best way is through your nails!

It could be bright colourful flowers that look like springtime blooms; sunshine and beachy waves for summer; comfy, cozy patterns for fall; and snowflakes or holiday designs to get you through winter. 

It’s especially ideal for super special occasions – whether or not you’re in costume, Halloween-themed nail art is a spirited way for adults and parents to celebrate the season!  Enhanced Esthetics nail art halloween blog


Nail Art Can Take Many Forms!

Enhanced Esthetics nail art blog

Nail art is more than the colours – you can also include unique shapes and design elements. One example is the stiletto nail. These daring pointed tips have been showing up all over the fashion world, and it’s popular among celebrities like Rhianna and Lady Gaga!

While we put our artistic flair to good use for you, Some of the tools and design elements we can use to decorate nails include fake nails, glitter, imitation precious stones, stickers, beads, and other decorations. It doesn’t have to be big, either – smart use of glitter with nail polish can be an easy way to dress up your favourite colours!

Life’s too short for boring nails. From three-dimensional flowers to little seasonal paintings, nail art can take you to places you never thought possible. Have a peek through our Facebook and Instagram pages for some creative ideas!

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